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Date: 28/04/20

Material safety data sheet

Version Number : 0

Acusat HydroEthanol

F Reynès

12.5. Results of PBT and vPvB assessment
No additional data available.

12.6. Other adverse effects
No additional data available

13. Disposal considerations
13.1. Waste treatment methods
General information
Disposal of this product, process solutions, residues and by-products should at all
times comply with the requirements of environmental protection and waste disposal
legislation and any local authority requirement.
Disposal methods
Dispose of waste to licensed waste disposal site in accordance with the requirements
of the local Waste Disposal Authority. Waste should not be disposed of untreated to
the sewer unless fully compliant with the requirements of the local water authority.
Waste packaging should be collected for reuse or recycling.

14. Transport Information
14.1. UN Number

14.2. UN proper shipping name
Solid containing flammable liquid

14.3. Transport hazard class(es)
Class 4.1

14.4. Packing Group
14.4.1 Inner Packaging
Tri-complex Bags: PETP corona treated // PETP metal // PE (Coex)

14.6. Environment precaution

14.6. Special precautions for user
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